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Four tours to Bulgaria
Wild Europe to the East (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro) September 29 - October 11, 2019
Bulgaria for Easter April 4 - 19, 2020
Wild Europe to the East (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro) September 2 - 14, 2020

A delightful and enriching cultural experience!

About our Bulgaria tours

Travel can focus on places or on people - or on both. 

Forget the big coach tour where visitors are herded onto vehicles only to pass by virtual pictures outside the window, with some quick stops and a lecture or two along the way.

Another way to travel is on your own, which is not a bad idea at all. The gregarious and outgoing person can find interesting people everywhere. Stopping to visit with whoever crosses your path is a good thing too.

However, for a full, rich and memorable experience, please, come with us!  Our tours are carefully organized so you will come home having seen the top sites AND having learned about, met and interacted with those who absolutely personify the culture. We encourage you to make friends with those who you share the adventure and with those you meet.

The reason we are able to do this is because we have the most knowledgeable, personable, and caring guide in all of Bulgaria. Don’t miss the opportunity to travel with Lyuba or one of her carefully trained team. Lyuba’s vast network of friends and associates allow you to connect with the people who are either unique or best examples of characteristics that make Bulgaria a rich, but mostly undiscovered treasure.  The places we visit are not only the most famous, but also some of the most exquisite and little known places; I dare you to find them on your own. The explanations of what you see, hear, smell and taste will make these places come alive.

Lyuba knows the traditions, both cultural and historical. She will introduce you to the traditions, art, religion, music, dance, crafts, cuisine and more. Yes, we will stop to smell the roses, the lavender, and the pastries too. These tours are a feast for the senses and the soul.

Gwen Erwood

President, Travel Concepts International

Bulgaria is so interesting as it's not spoiled by tourists - real relations, wonderful small hotels, and most important - an incredible heritage, still authentic and not yet touched by human hands.

So far we are a big hidden treasure, which should be discovered soon.

--Our guide, Lyuba Boyanin







We invite you to call Sarah or Gwen at 1-800-762-4216 to request the full brochure. The brochure will include Important Traveler Information (and answers to most questions) and a Reservation Form. We can send the brochure through the Postal Service or as a PDF attachment. If you would like to receive a PDF, probably the best way to keep the message from going into a SPAM filter is to send a message to sarah@serioustraveler.com. If you are already on our mailing list, no need to complete the entire brochure request form.

Sofia • Boyana Church • Rila Monastery • Pirin Mountain • Velingrad • Varvara • Plovdiv
Primeval Beech Forests • Kazanlak • Buzludja • Veliko Turnovo • Belene • Russe • Ivanovo
Mechka • Sveshtari • Osmar • Shumen • Madara • Black Sea Coast • Tyulenovo
Yaylata Nature Preserve • Cape Kaliakra • Balchik • Varna • Nessabar • St. Anastasia Island • Burgas 

If you want to feast your eyes on monuments and stand in their shadows, then this trip has it. We visit all the UNESCO sites of Bulgaria. On the other hand, if human experiences are what make your heart flutter and tears well up your eyes, then this is also the trip for you. We’ll meet people with personal stories to tell and share in the human experience.


April 20 - May 2, 2019 • 13 Days
$4990 based on double occupancy beginning
and ending in Sofia, Bulgaria
Transfers from airport to/from hotel included
Single supplement $640
Airfare Additional

Dear World Travelers,

This is a unique thirteen day tour in the glorious springtime that you will not want to miss. Whether you have connections to Bulgaria or are a seasoned traveler looking for a one-of-a kind-trip to a relatively undiscovered part of the world, with a program highly spiced with warm cultural visits, please join our small group. We’ll arrive in Sofia for the colorful Palm Sunday Festival. After our small gauge train ride we head to Plovdiv, which is also on the list as one of the 2019 Cultural Capitals of Europe. As we pass through Kazanluk, best-known as the Valley of the Roses, you’ll learn about the ancient and mysterious Thracians. Visit small towns like Osmar, Pirgovo, and Mechka, which you may never have heard of, but thanks to our excellent guide and the activities planned for you, they will stay in your memory forever.

We head north by convoy of East German vehicles to a part of the Danube River where we learn of her past during the communist era including the island of Belene and its concentration camp. Transport back to modern times as we see the most prosperous town on the Danube - Russe.

Celebrate Midnight Mass amongst the glow of candles in Shabla. Easter lunch will be in a nearby village where you are welcomed as very special guests by a Gagauz Family.

Finally we’ll make our way to the Black Sea Coast for lunch with the fisherman of Tyulenovo. Heading south along the coast we explore a medieval fortress perched high atop the rocky shore. Before heading inland we visit Balchik to see the lush botanical gardens.

Our guide will show us tucked-away monasteries, ancient sanctuaries and crafts centers you might never find on your own, and bring them alive with their vast knowledge and love of Balkan culture.

This tour is made with great love and we believe that every day will be a feast for the spirit of the traveler of any age who likes and appreciates getting familiar with new cultures of the world. The encounters and experiences are unforgettable! The pictures we have included in this brochure do not do the trip justice. Please read the itinerary carefully and then see for yourself!

Gwen Erwood
President, Travel Concepts International

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All This Included

  • A guide who loves his country, and is happy to talk about its history, culture and its recent ups and downs
  • Transport with a modern, comfortable minibus and an excellent driver
  • Many meals according to the program: 12 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 10 dinners
  • Accommodation in Bulgaria’s coziest, most comfortable lodgings
  • Guided walks of Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Turnovo
  • Visits to all 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria: Boyana Church, Rila Monastery, Pirin Mountain, the Primeval Beech Forests, Kazanlak Thracian Tomb, Ivanovo rock-hewn churches, Srebarna Lake, Sveshtari Thracian Tombs, Nessebar old town and Madara rock relief
  • Enjoy and celebrate Easter the Bulgarian way: painting eggs and baking kozunak (traditional Easter bread), joining local believers at midnight Easter mass, and joining a Gagauz, or Christian Turk family for their Easter lunch
  • Drive in a convoy of Trabants to a former socialist labor camp on a Danube River island
  • Lunch with the few remaining fishermen of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast
  • Night at the Euxinograd government residence (pending permission) and the St. Anastasia Island’s former monastery (pending good weather to sail there!)
  • An opera performance in a former Ottoman covered market
  • A ride on Bulgaria’s last remaining narrow gauge train
  • Refreshments and water during the bus rides and during activities




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